How long long does it take to receive my order?

It generally takes bettwen 7-14 days to get your medication when shipped from overseas. However, we may have US-US shipping for a few medicines.

What happens if i receive crushed pills?

You will have to call the customer support and they will explain possible solutions to this issue. They can reship them or add them free of charge to your next order. It is best you talk to them first and they will help you in this case. They will ask you to upload photo of crushed pills into our website so we can pass it to supplier

When will you charge my card?

Your card will definitely be charged within 24 hours but our billing department will do everything to charge your card as soon as possible. If there is any problem with processing your charge, our customer support will contact you via phone or email.

Why customer support will call me? I don’t want any phone calls.

There is a security policy of detail verification of every order. If you want to have your order approved, you need to speak to the customer support and answer their questions. It will not take long, they just need to check and correct any mistakes which I might have made. If you wish not to be called, I will be more than happy to provide you with their number and you can call them yourself.

Why do we ship from overseas?

Firstly, we are selecting the vendor according to where the product is available with the best quality and lowest price. All of our suppliers are licensed and FDA approved. We ship it from out of the US because that allows us to be competitive on price. Even the medication you buy in your local pharmacy is not manufactured in the US. If you were happy in your previous order we will try and supply you from the same vendor.
We have several vendors/manufacturers and all them are fully licensed that means brand quality but quarter of the price.
All our manufacturers have FDA approval, they are and of course we are working according to their regulations, you will receive medication with brand quality but with price of a generic. Most of the companies are outsourcing because of the lesser expenses and bigger revenue, same rules apply also for Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies which are supplied from India.


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